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UPDATE: Breaking the Gaze

Breaking the Gaze coverBreaking the Gaze by David Meade Betts is a well-written, highly readable, amusing and fascinating account of draft dodging during the Vietnam war, the birth of the hippy movement, and protest against government. It is a true story, an autobiography. I thoroughly enjoyed this, even though I was too young during the ‘sixties to appreciate what was going on, and recommend it to anyone who wants to understand this period in American history through the eyes of someone who was ideologically opposed to it.

This book is another one that has been hidden away in a couple of ebookstores, but now is as good a time as any to make it more widely available. It is now available from the usual online ebookstores, or very soon will be.

The blurb…

A true story of transformation: intriguing, humorous and irreverent! An entertaining real life adventure which takes place in the US during the tumultuous sixties. As the protagonist zig zags across the US in his bid to obey his conscience and dodge being drafted by the US Army, the reader travels with him. Through this fascinating true tale readers come to understand what created the hippy phenomenon and why a generation rallied in protest against their government.

Crafted in a fast paced humorous style, readers take a trip through the sixties without leavin’ the farm!