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NEW TITLE: Armada of Antares

Armada of Antares is the eleventh book in the chronicles of Dray Prescot by Alan Burt Akers. It is now available from eBookAd.com and will become available from the usual ebookstores over the next few days.

Here is the blurb…

Kregen! That marvelous world circling the double-star Antares in the Constellation Scorpio has been the scene of many an exciting event as its myriad human and non-human races struggle with each other for ascendency. But for Dray Prescot, Earthman and Prince of Vallia, all of the electrifying aspects of his adventurous life on Kregen were to climax when the armies of Havilfar made their move toward his adopted homeland before he had fully solved the secret of their mysterious air fleets.

Armada of Antares is the culmination of all his experiences on Kregen so far — a peril-pitched novel, complete in itself, of an alien world stirred up to a life-or-death frenzy.